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Project Brief

For my "Information Visualization" class at Parsons we were tasked to create an infographic that compared two entities with the goal of convincing readers that one was superior. I chose to compare Impossible patties and organic beef patties with the intention of making Impossible seem like the better option. 





I began by conducting research about the two patties and chose to include statistics that made impossible seem more sustatinable, healthier and tastier. I proceeded by creating a low fidelity comp of how I was going to layout the information. I decided to split the infographic in half and list the features I would be comparing down the middle. 


For the impossible side I chose to use a turquoise blue and for the organic beef side I chose a contrasting orange/red color. I chose these colors because not only did they match their entities, they also held symbolic meaning. People tend to associate red with negative emotions while blue is often associated with positive emotions. I also strategically added dotted lines to help lead readers through the whole infographic. I wanted it to be easily digestible so I incorporated a lot of visuals and icons to supplement the information. I created the icons in a flat design style to match the visual identity of the Impossible Foods brand. For this same reason, I picked a similar looking sans serif font and capitalized all the text. I also used type hierarchy principles throughout my design to direct the reader's eye to the most important information and effectively communicate my message. 

*This was made for a school project, not for Impossible. I do not own the copyright to Impossible's logo.

Low Fidelity Comp

Style Guide

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