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Helen Keller Intl
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Project Brief

Helen Keller Intl tasked me with designing a tote bag and a holiday card to be sent out to donors. The goal of the holiday card and tote bag was to build trust and deepen the relationship between Helen Keller Intl and its donors, ultimately increasing the likelihood of future donations. 

Print Design
Bag Design
Brand Guidelines



The totebag design features Hellen Keller Intl's primary color purple, with their logo prominently displayed on the front panel and a quote that emphasizes the power of collective action on the back panel. The side panels use their signature arc from the logo, overlayed in different shades of purple for a cohesive look.

The holiday card also features the primary purple color and utilizes overlayed arcs, matching with the side panels of the tote bag. The front side of the card showcases a heartwarming photo taken by the organization, depicting three joyful boys sitting on the ground and smiling at the camera to spread happiness during the holiday season.
Tote Bag Design.png
totebag template dotted line.png
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