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Helen Keller Intl
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Project Brief

Helen Keller Intl was in need of a new "Country One Pager/Fact Sheet" Template that all country offices could easily customize. Their previous country one pagers were text heavy, overcrowded, inconsistent with the brand's visual identity and varied accross the country offices. Helen Keller Intl wanted the one pager to include: a brief overview, map, office statistics, challenges, solutions, their impact, key partners, contact info and an about Helen Keller section.

Print Design
Brand Guidelines



I began by making a low fidelity comp to figure out a layout that made sense to read and provided an appropriate amount of space for each section. Once it was layed out, I proceeded to work on the design elements. I made sure to stick to the brand's color palette and also wanted to incorporate an arc to tie it to their logo. I wanted the overview section to be the focal point, so I created a banner that would capture the readers attention. The goal was to have visually appealing content that is easily digestable. To that end, I broke the text down into bullets and created icons to supplement the information. 


Stats Icons

Low Fidelity Composition

Country One Pager Wireframe.jpg
Country One Pager Wireframe2.jpg
one pager template dotted line.png

The color was another area that needed change. Their primary color is purple and I wanted to identify a second color that meshed well. I created several iterations with the brands secondary and tertiary colors (Blue, Orange, Yellow and Gray). I ultimately landed on selecting gray as the second color because of its neutral tone. The other color options were too vibrant and pulled the readers attention away from more important sections.  

The final design effectively highlighted the organizations impact in a specific country in a visually engaging and easily digestible format. Additionally, it is easily customizable, enabling other country offices to make necessary edits. The design adheres strictly to the brand guidelines, ensuring a cohesive visual representation of the organization. 

Previous Country One Pagers

New Country One Pager

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