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Helen Keller Intl

Project Brief

Helen Keller was in need of a redesign for their US Vision Flyers. Their previous design was text heavy, lacked design elements, contained low quality images and overall was not appealing to the eye. 

Print Design
Brand Guidelines


HKI US Vision Flyer Mock Up 2.jpg


For my design I wanted to incorporate the brands signature arc and colors. I decided to place the headline on an arc as well as place the images inside the arcs to make it look more interesting. I used their secondary colors, blue and orange, in addition to their primary purple to add a pop of color. I also wanted to add more visual elements such as icons to make the information more digestable and more appealing to the eye. 
us vision flyer dotted line.png
Screen Shot 2023-04-24 at 6.33.49 PM.png

Previous Flyer

US Vision Flyer.jpg

New Flyer

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